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City Centre Malls

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'City Centre' is the distillation of years of painstaking research, conducted on the drivers of future living. The success of City Centre Malls has now been translated into a relevant reality. It is not just about the design, but the ability to attract people and generate revenue opportunities for store owners. City Centre Malls are thus easily the best - differentiated design, optimum scope for brand-building, premium event management, income sustainability for retailers and creation of a community for consumers. Not targeted at the creamy apex but at the middle chunk of the consumption pyramid, the City Centre concept acted as the main catalyst in a retail revolution…bringing growth.


City Centre – A Complete Family Destination


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City Centre Malls are characterised by an endearing environment, visitors do not know precisely why they want to go there…but once they reach, there is everything, plus a sense of infinite space. The unique intangible chemistry helps visitors relax and spend a longer time than they originally intended. So whether it is at Salt Lake, New Town or Siliguri, you discover something new every time you visit a City Centre.

Consumer Experience

If it has been a challenging environment to start with, City Centre Malls have raised the bar even higher. Leveraging the benefits of a hybrid retailer mix, it presents an extended retail range from small unorganised to large-branded. The result? A more compelling consumer experience that you want to come back to.

Retail Variety

If the world just got more diversely demanding, City Centre Malls answer with more variety. If the appetite for being made to feel special is always increasing, at City Centre the feeling comes spontaneously, visit after visit.


If the world just got more concisely functional, City Centre Malls are like a never-ending but effortless discovery. You may have walked for hours and yet feel more charged up than ever before. Also, unlike in other malls, there is ample sitting space.

Inviting Atmosphere

If the world seems to be getting more cramped, City Centre is where you discover your own space. This ‘openness’ of the atmosphere translates into a mental state for the visitor and enhances the location’s appeal as a hangout destination. Transforms casual footfalls into serious buyers.

Best Return on Time

It facilitates a quick access to stores, cafes, restaurants, food court, cineplex, coffee bars, hangout places and diverse entertainment options. A large visitor throughput and a variety of facilities encourage an active crossover of interests. A collection of happy experiences.

Unique Architecture

City Centre Salt Lake has five dispersed Plaza blocks, a cubist design and monolithic structure. City Centre New Town has no dead ends and has a pluralistic design. City Centre Siliguri too represents a confluence of diverse interests in its architecture. The essential seamlessness is reflected in walking endlessly through a number of mall areas, looking at a wider variety of offerings and leading to a more fulfilling experience.

Service that’s Sincere

City Centre Management is proactive and does good work to benefit space owners as well as visitors. Simply being at City Centre has helped many a first time retailer to realign their business strategy and develop a more comprehensive national plan. Naturally, the clientele is ready to go wherever City Centre proposes to come up with a new mall.